No More Natural Teeth: Deciding Between Implants and Dentures

Trying To Overcome Dental Phobia

by Jeremiah Barnett

Many people regularly see their dentist to have their teeth cleaned and evaluated every six months. Some people, however, put off going to see the dentist because they are fearful of the entire procedure. If you are one of these people, you can be doing harm to your teeth by not having them taken care of on a regular schedule. Here are some tips you can use to help yourself get over your fear of going to the dentist.

Searching For A Reason

See if you can determine a reason why you are afraid to see the dentist. Sometimes knowing what the problem is can help you face the fear a little better. Are you afraid of not knowing what the dentist will do or say when you go into the office? Is it more of a problem with the fear of not being able to control the outcome? Are you fearful of the equipment the dentist is going to be using? Once you figure out exactly why you are afraid, you will be able to give this information to the dentist's office.

Letting The Office Know

Call the dentist's office and let them know on the phone that you would like to make an appointment, but you have a fear of the dentist. Most offices are prepared to handle this situation by having the patient come into the office in advance to see the facility and to speak with the employees. If your dentist's office is not agreeable to this, you may want to find another office to handle your teeth cleaning.

Making An Advance Trip

Go to the dentist's office at a time when there will not be many people having procedures done. It may be more calming to be able to take a look at the office without others around. Speak to the dentist about your fear and see what they will be able to do to help you get your teeth cleaned without anxiety. They may recommend a light sedative to help you relax.

See if the dentist will let you sit in a dentist's chair without having any work done to see how you handle being in the room around the equipment. Seeing everything in advance can make the entire process easier when you come in for your actual appointment.

The Day Of The Cleaning

Make sure to bring something to do in the waiting room to help alleviate your fear. If possible, ask the dentist's office to take you right away so you will not have to endure the anxiety in the waiting room. Your office should be able to accommodate having your appointment instantly when you arrive if you let them know in advance that it may make a difference.

Make sure you breath in slowly and deeply to help relax your body. Bring along a friend for moral support and see if they will be allowed in the examination room with you. All of these little things can help you feel better before your appointment at an office, such as Auburn Plaza Family Dentistry.