No More Natural Teeth: Deciding Between Implants and Dentures

Subtle Methods For Fixing Dental Issues

by Jeremiah Barnett

Sometimes, time is not on your side. While wearing braces and headgear will fix your teeth, you may not want to use such an overt method as an adult. If you cannot go the route of heavy artillery when it comes to fixing your teeth, there are subtle and less expensive measures to take. Here are some methods for fixing your pearly whites that won't be noticeable to others while they are being worked on.

Invisalign for braces

If you have always desired a perfectly straight smile but are plagued with crooked or spaced teeth, Invisalign is the ticket. Invisalign can be worn at night or while not in public, which provides many hours of tooth correction per week. The spaces will need to be changed out as your teeth gain progress, but overall, the invisible retainer is easier to handle than braces and less restrictive. Complete tooth correction can take just a year for many.

If you have small issues with the front bottom row of your teeth, you can also have retainer cemented to your bottom row of teeth. The retainer will not be visible to the public, nor will it affect the way you eat or speak. You can leave in the retainer for as long as you wish and it will help to properly shape the bottom row and maintain the proper form long-term.

Use tooth reshaping for improvements

Small chips in a tooth can make you feel self-conscious, and issues with overlapping may be the bane of your smile's existence. Veneers are often touted as the best method for tooth improvements; however, veneers are expensive and can create a very noticeable change immediately. The problem of tooth overlapping and chips can be fixed with tooth reshaping. Reshaping is typically charged per tooth and can immediately take care of chips, dents, and other tooth issues. Reshaping is similar to sanding and can result in straight, perfectly shaped teeth.

Whitening teeth via natural methods

Tooth whitening is a great way to create a smile improvement. Whitening processes can happen in a dental or cosmetic dentistry office. The unfortunate downside of office whitening is that the teeth will remain sensitive for some time after the procedure. If you would prefer to skip the pain and whiten over time, there are methods for you to utilize. Activated charcoal is a natural method for tooth whitening that will happen overtime. Brush your teeth with activated charcoal powder several times a week to whiten and brighten the teeth through natural means.