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Playing Contact Sports And Keeping Your Teeth Free Of Harm

by Jeremiah Barnett

If you play a contact sport, then you should learn about protecting your teeth, dental first aid, and treatment options for broken teeth. This article is full of the information you need to be prepared for many of the common dental problems that can happen when you are involved in contact sports.

Clenching your teeth

Many people tend to grit their teeth when they are concentrating and this puts a lot of extra pressure on your teeth. It can lead to them getting chipped, and it can also increase the chances of them breaking if you sustain even a small amount of contact with something while you happen to be clamping down on them. Clenching your teeth can also lead to you having a headache. Breathing exercises can help you to relax more while you are concentrating so that you don't clench your teeth as much.

Breaking your teeth

When you are playing in contact sports, there is the chance that you will take a hit to the mouth, and this means direct damage to your teeth. There is really only one way you can protect your teeth from suffering this type of damage and that is to make sure you have your mouth guard in at all times when there is any chance of contact, including any practices you are participating in. Keep in mind, it may be a good idea for you to get your mouth guard from your dentist instead of counting on one bought over the counter. Your dentist can custom fit you for a mouth guard. A high-quality, custom-fit mouth guard will do a better job of protecting your teeth in the case of impact.

Preparing for emergencies

Preparing for dental emergencies is one of the most important things you can do when you know you are involved in activities that increase your chances of tooth damage. You should have a dental kit with you at all times, this may mean keeping it in your sports bag or locker. The kit should have over-the-counter pain reliever, an instant ice pack, gauze, a plastic baggie, and some business cards of emergency dentists, as well as the phone number for your regular dentist.

When you put more thought into protecting your teeth, you will have a decreased risk of damaging your teeth and suffering prolonged problems from those damages. Always keep up with your regular dental appointments as well, and ensure you are doing your best to keep your teeth as strong as possible. Broken teeth can lead to the need for crowns or even dental implants, which you would like to avoid, if possible!

For more information on how to take special care of your teeth while you're involved in contact sports, contact a professional from a company like Mount Royal Dental.