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How Pediatric Dentists Make Their Patients Comfortable

by Jeremiah Barnett

When you take your child to the dentist for the first time, the dentist will do more than treating the child. Most likely, the pediatric dentist will also engage in other activities that aren't directly related to treatment but will help in making the child comfortable in the dental office and with dental treatment in general. Here are a few examples of these activities:

Showing the Dental Tools to the Child

Children are both curious and wary of new things, especially "attractive" things such as dental tools or instrument. Pediatric dentists know this, and your kid's dentist will probably take some time to show the kid the dental instruments and tools before beginning the consultation. This serves several purposes, for example:

  • It will show the child that the tools and instruments are harmless
  • It will satisfy the child's curiosity and help them stay calm during the actual consultation
  • It will portray the dentist as a cool and friendly person that the child has no reason to fear

Teaching Dental Care

The pediatric dentist will also take their time to teach the child about dental care and the need for oral hygiene. Ideally, this shouldn't be the first time the child is hearing about oral hygiene and related issues. Parents should prepare their kids for their first dental consultation by talking to the kids about oral health, dental care, and oral hygiene. The dentist will also answer the kid's questions (most kids have lots of them) related to dental care.

Giving Prizes

For most kids, the hallmark of a dental visit is the prize-giving session. Dentists know that kids love prizes, and they use it to endear themselves to kids. Children, and even some adults, seem to have an almost "natural" fear of dentists and the dental office in general. By incorporating something the kids love (prizes) into an activity they don't love (dental), the anxiety induced by the latter is reduced. Examples of typical prizes include stickers, key chains, crayons, and toys, among others. the good news is that kids don't associate prizes with their monetary equivalents, so relatively inexpensive prizes can still achieve the desired goal.

In short, dentists like Kuban David S DDS go a great length to make their patients feel welcome, calm, and comfortable. This is why you shouldn't take your kid to just any dentist, especially if it's their first consultation. Look for a professional pediatric dentist who will ensure your kid gets the best care in the perfect environment.