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Reasons Your Dentist Might Recommend Extracting A Tooth

by Jeremiah Barnett

Each tooth you have in your mouth is important, but there might be times when your dentist will recommend removing one of your teeth. Removing a tooth is not something dentists rush into, but there are times when removing a tooth is necessary. Here are some of the top reasons dentists recommend extracting teeth.

Too much decay

If a tooth has a cavity on it, the dentist will most likely try to save the tooth by removing the decayed part and replacing the hole with a filling material. This procedure works well for cavities that are relatively small, but it does not work well for large cavities. When decay stays on a tooth for a long time, it spreads and takes over a lot of the tooth. At some point, a dentist will not be able to save the tooth by removing the cavity and filling it. If you have a tooth like this, your dentist will probably recommend dental extraction.

Trauma to the tooth

Your dentist might also recommend removing a tooth if the tooth experienced a great deal of trauma. When a tooth encounters major trauma, it can kill the tooth. In this case, the tooth would start turning brown, simply because it would no longer have oxygen supply to it. If you get to a dentist quickly after a tooth experiences trauma, the dentist might be able to save it. If you wait too long, the dentist might recommend pulling it out.

Teeth affected by gum disease

One other reason your dentist might recommend extraction is to remove a tooth that was affected by gum disease. Gum disease often leads to a loss of teeth if a person fails to get the right treatment for the disease. If you have a progressive stage of gum disease, you may have areas in your mouth where the gums have receded so far they can no longer hold the teeth in place. When this occurs, a dentist may need to remove some of your teeth simply because your gums and bone can no longer support the teeth.

Getting a tooth extracted is a very common procedure that dentists offer. If you need a tooth removed from your mouth, or if you are experiencing problems with a tooth in your mouth, contact a dental clinic today. When you call, you can ask questions or schedule an appointment for services with a dentist.