No More Natural Teeth: Deciding Between Implants and Dentures

Are Dental Implants Going To Be Best?

by Jeremiah Barnett

If you plan on having a tooth extracted, then you have a few choices ahead of you. The dentist will discuss your options for replacing the tooth. If you don't replace it, then this can cause other issues down the line. Having all of your teeth in place helps to keep them all straight. When you are missing one, your teeth have a lot of extra space that can allow them to shift and move over time, giving you a gapped and crooked smile. If you have more than one tooth removed and not replaced, then it can even cause your face to take on a different shape and one that can even be described as concave or sunken in. If you are leaning toward implants, then this article will be helpful, as it contains some facts about them you should know about.

Dental implants tend to cost more

If cost is an issue, then you may find it best to go with partial dentures for the time being and go back for dental implants when you are in a better financial position. This is more than likely going to be the most cost-efficient way to go about things. You may also want to check into dental insurance or see if the dentist will set you up with a payment plan, so you can go through with getting the implants now instead of waiting.

Dental implants take a while

If you go with implants, be prepared for it to take a while before you finally have great looking, permanent and functional replacement teeth. The duration it takes can depend on many factors, starting with weather or not you are currently a good candidate for implants or if you have to go through certain treatments before you are made a better candidate. For example, if your current bone density isn't up to par, then the dentist may want to do bone grafts or other treatments to improve it first. Some other things that make the process take a while include the fact that it needs to be done in steps, you need to heal between steps and there will be scheduling issues depending on the schedule of both yourself and your dentist.

Dental implants are worth what it takes to get them

While you may be wondering why you would choose a more expensive option that takes much longer than some of the others and that even comes with longer healing times and more discomfort, you'll want to consider the positives that come with them. Implants have a design that attaches them to your bone in a way that makes them more like a real tooth than any other treatment out there. They are permanent, strong, natural looking and completely functional.