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Pros And Cons Of Getting Your Teenager's Teeth Whitened

by Jeremiah Barnett

Adults often get their teeth whitened professionally, but it's possible that if you're the parent of a teenager, he or she might express interest in this cosmetic procedure, too. While your teen may already use whitening toothpaste and strips from the pharmacy, he or she may feel as though whitening from the dentist will provide the best look. You may not be sure how to proceed, so here are some pros and cons that you can weigh.

Pro: Good For Your Child's Self Image

Teenagers often put a lot of stock in their appearance, and while it's fine to remind them that beauty comes from the inside, too, the reality is that a lot of teenagers want to look their best. If your teen feels as though his or her teeth are stained or yellowed, he or she may feel self conscious about them. A professional whitening may thus help to bolster your child's self image.

Con: The Whitening May Not Last

When a dentist whitens a patient's teeth, he or she gives the patient some instructions on how to keep the teeth white as long as possible. You want your teen to heed this advice to maximize the value that he or she gets from your investment, but this won't always be the case. Many teenagers drink soft drinks and coffee, both of which are detrimental to freshly whitened teeth. You may be concerned about your teen's habits quickly undoing the whitening procedure.

Pro: Reinforces The Value Of Healthy Teeth

Not every teenager takes a careful approach to his or her teeth. Some teens take up smoking, while others fail to floss regularly. If you're investing in your teen's teeth by getting them whitened at the dentist, you're sending a message that caring for teeth is important. Hopefully, this will compel your teen to take his or her oral hygiene more seriously.

Con: Concerns Over Appearance

As a parent, you might be concerned that your child's view of himself or herself is influenced by something such as white teeth. While you may get your teeth whitened and understand that having a nice smile is valuable, you may also feel uneasy that your teen's peers might be judging him or her based on this cosmetic dentistry procedure. Evaluate these pros and cons, discussing any hesitations that you may currently have with your child, and then book the appointment with the dental clinic.

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