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Do You Need A Root Canal And Is It Worth It?

by Jeremiah Barnett

A root canal is a more invasive way to treat a common cavity. You may need a root canal for many reasons and may want to consider your options before getting one in the first place. However, in most cases, if your dentist recommends this type of treatment, it's worth it to get the work done.

Do you need a root canal? And if so, is the treatment worth it to you? Use this guide to assist you. Once you determine a root canal is best for your needs, you can let your dentist move forward with your dental care.

You have an otherwise viable tooth

Do you have a tooth that is badly infected but can be healthy with the right restoration? If you have a tooth that can be saved, by all means, then it's worth it to do a root canal. If your tooth is placed in an area of your mouth where it can be easily seen, such as near the front of your smile, this is another reason to consider a root canal. Since your other option is to have the tooth pulled, consider a root canal first if the tooth is easily saved with the treatment.

You have insurance to help cover costs

If you have insurance to help with the costs of your root canal, you should use this coverage to get the dental care you need. Your tooth is otherwise going to cost a lot of money out of pocket to fix, so if your budget is going to be a concern, talk to your dentist about alternatives for your care. In some cases, getting the tooth pulled is best to save money, but your dentist may still be willing to help you come up with a payment plan so you can keep your tooth and preserve your finances at the same time.

You have a healthy smile

Do you, in general, have a healthy smile? Are you known for keeping your oral health in check and not having to deal with a lot of root canals, mouth ulcers, and other issues? If you take good care of your teeth in general and still need a root canal, it's best to get this dental work done. This investment is not much of a risk then and is well worth it because you help to keep your smile secure and healthy for the future. Your dentist will tell you how a root canal works if you've never had one before.

Find more info about root canals by talking to dentists near you.