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First Time Going For A Family Dental Checkup? - What To Expect

by Jeremiah Barnett

Given the numerous benefits of seeing a family dentist, you decided to visit one to keep your family dental care in check. Your first family dental checkup is almost due; what should you expect from the visit? 

Interview and Examination

Before performing any examination, your family dentist will begin by asking about your previous dental history. They will ask about any toothaches, sensitivity, or other tooth-related problems you may have experienced since your last visit.

Once the dentist has gathered enough information, they will examine your mouth, the area around your neck and head. For a more comprehensive examination, your family dentist will request X-rays and scans to detect other oral health conditions like cancer. 

Dental Treatments and Teeth Cleaning

After the interview and examination process, the dentist will identify underlying dental problems that might need treatment. For example, if the dentist notices tooth decay, they can use composite fillings to restore the decayed tooth. Additionally, if you have an infected tooth, the family dentist might recommend a root canal to treat and save the infected tooth.

A routine procedure during family dental care visits is teeth cleaning—a family dentist attends to every family member, including the young ones. Young ones are prone to tooth decay due to extreme love for sugary things. 

Your family dentist will perform routine teeth cleaning to remove plaque and tartar from the tooth service. The dentist can also choose to floss and polish the teeth depending on the examination results.

Preventive Dental Treatments and Education

When going for a family dental care checkup, the family dentist will offer preventive treatments. For example, if the dentist notices your children's teeth are starting to decay, they can offer fluoride treatments. 

The dentist can also use dental sealants or other appropriate protective and preventive teeth treatment depending on the needs. Preventive treatments ensure all of your family's teeth are healthy, reducing your dental bills.

A family dentist is responsible for the oral health of your family. Children need to learn about proper oral hygiene. During family dental checkups, the dentist will offer helpful insights to the young ones and educate them more about oral health. Family dentists can also teach children the basics like properly brushing teeth, flossing, foods to avoid, and so on.

Work With a Professional Family Dentist

Family dental checkups help catch problems with your tooth or oral health early enough when they can be corrected. Get in touch with a family dentist for your family's dental needs.