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Interesting Ways Same-Day Dental Crowns Differ From Traditional Crowns

by Jeremiah Barnett

In the past, individuals who needed dental crowns had to go through a series of processes. It could take weeks for the crown to be made and put into place. The time to make the crowns was a significant reason for the extended time. Traditional crowns had to be made in laboratories. Dentists had to wait for them to arrive before they could put them into the mouths of their patients. This is why same-day crowns are exciting news for individuals who are familiar with traditional crowns. It is possible for individuals with damaged traditional crowns to opt to transition to same-day crowns rather than go through another lengthy experience of getting a traditional crown replacement made. The following points cover a few positive improvements that this technologically-advanced option can offer.

"Same-day crowns" is not just a buzzword

Individuals who opt for this type of dental crown need to understand that the process is done in-office. A machine takes images, which enables a dentist to make the crowns. The dentist has to prep the affected tooth for the crown placement and obtains imaging to create the crown. These crowns are sometimes referred to as CEREC (Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics) crowns. 

Putty impressions and temporary crowns are not needed

Anyone who has gotten a traditional crown knows that dentists had to make putty impressions on their teeth. The impressions were sent to a lab to make the crown. The taste of putty is offensive to some individuals. This unpalatable part of the procedure is not painful, but it is something that some people would rather not have to taste. Temporary crowns had to be worn to protect the tooth that had been prepped for the procedure. This meant restricted diets and other inconveniences to ensure the temporary crown stayed in place.

Extensive drilling is not needed

Traditional crowns have more tooth enamel removal than same-day crowns. Individuals who have concerns about preserving as much of their natural tooth as possible could benefit from choosing same-day crowns. Less drilling also means less mouth pressure, which might be important for individuals who have oral sensitivity.

Imaging produces precise measurements

The impressions for traditional crowns are meant to produce accurate impressions and create a more natural-looking crown. However, traditional crowns cannot compete with the accuracy of the crowns produced in a dentist's office for same-day crowns. 

The crown material closely mimics the appearance of natural teeth

The finished crown will look very realistic. Individuals who get them are likely to be in disbelief that they have dental restorations that closely mimic the appearance of their natural teeth.

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