No More Natural Teeth: Deciding Between Implants and Dentures

Effective Restorative Treatments Dentists Consider For A Broken Tooth

by Jeremiah Barnett

Although teeth are naturally sturdy, they can crack and even break when subjected to certain conditions. This may happen after falling, getting into an accident, biting on hard food, or having cavity issues. Depending on the damage, they may become more susceptible to infections or cause pain.

Besides, a fractured tooth can shatter one's confidence and prevent you from smiling. Whenever you or any of your loved ones break a tooth, you should get in touch with a dentist. The expert will examine the damage and recommend the best restorative treatment. Here are some options the dentist may consider for a fractured tooth.

Dental Crowns

The expert may recommend crowns whenever the tooth gets chipped. This is a cap that is placed on the damaged tooth to offer protection. This cap acts as a sturdy cover and is customized to meet the exact tooth dimensions. Without it, the tooth can continue to disintegrate, and you'll likely lose it. Such a problem can affect your dental system, which is the last thing you want. Dental crowns come in different types, and it is good to consult with your dentist to know which type best suits your needs.

Dental Bonding

One effective way to fix cracked teeth is through bonding. Most patients prefer this technique because it's not complex, and the bonding can last up to a decade. The first a dentist will do is roughen the area and apply the conditioning fluid. The application, molding, and smoothening of putty will follow. Finally, UV light is used for hardening the composite. After the composite dries, they will shape and polish it to match other natural teeth.

Oral Implants

The dentist will likely recommend artificial roots when a tooth breaks below the gum level. This surgical procedure entails installing a titanium screw into a jaw, which will act as the root. But before installing the screws, the dental experts will remove the other part of the damaged tooth. Once the screw fuses with your jawbone, it will provide a sturdy foundation for a new artificial tooth. Then, the restorative dental expert will customize a crown and place it. They will also help you with the maintenance tips to keep your implants in top shape for years.

Do not fret if you have a broken tooth. A dentist can quickly restore the tooth to ensure your oral system functions properly as well as improve your self-confidence. Contact a restorative dentistry professional today to book an appointment.