No More Natural Teeth: Deciding Between Implants and Dentures

  • Have A Chipped Tooth? How A Restorative Dentist Can Help You

    8 March 2019

    If you have a chipped tooth there are many ways a restorative dentist can help you with this. What they do does depend on how large the chip is, however. To help you get your smile looking great again below is one treatment the dentist may use to repair your tooth. Dental Inlays and Onlays Inlays is much like a traditional filling. The material fits inside the top edges or the tips of the tooth.

  • 3 Reasons You May Need A Dental Extraction

    9 February 2019

    Dental extractions are typically a last resort in terms of dental treatment. Whenever possible, your dentist wants to preserve as much of your natural tooth, since teeth can't repair themselves or regrow like your bones do. However, sometimes an extraction is the best course of action. Here are three reasons you may need to have a tooth extracted: 1. Your wisdom teeth are growing in. Most people are born with four wisdom teeth that begin to grow in adolescence.

  • A Gold Crown Is A Good Choice For A Molar And A Personal Choice For A Front Tooth

    15 January 2019

    When your tooth has a big cavity, your dentist may say you need a dental crown to cover the tooth so you can save it from being pulled. When a cavity is large, a filling may not be possible because there might not be enough enamel left to hold the filling securely in place. A crown fits over the top of the tooth, so there's no problem with it being secure.