No More Natural Teeth: Deciding Between Implants and Dentures

  • 3 Things That Affect The Cost Of Braces

    9 November 2017

    Dental braces are orthodontic devices that are used to straighten, align, and position teeth over time. They use pressure over the course of anywhere from one to three years in order to create a straighter smile. While braces can have a major impact on a person's smile, it does come at a cost. The cost can also vary depending on a variety of factors. Here are three things that can affect the overall cost of braces.

  • When Should You Seek Help For A Stuck Popcorn Kernel?

    14 October 2017

    Popcorn is a tasty treat, but the kernels inside it can easily get wedged between teeth, or worse still, under gums. If you're currently struggling with a popcorn kernel that's stuck in your mouth, you might be wondering if you should contact your dentist, and if so, when. Read on to learn the one thing you should try before contacting your dentist and why it's so important to reach out.

  • Simple Steps To Protect Your Oral Health While Pregnant

    14 September 2017

    Pregnancy is a wonderful time, but it can be filled with a great deal of physical and emotional changes. From weight gain and discomfort to mood swings and fatigue, the different ways pregnancy changes your life can be overwhelming. During this time, supporting your baby's development will even result in a weakening of your teeth. Considering gum disease and oral infections can lead to preterm birth, protecting your oral health while pregnant is imperative.

  • 3 Bad Dental Habits And How To Break Them

    11 August 2017

    Hopefully, you're aware that your dental health can have a profound impact on your overall health. Poor dental health can lead to not just cavities and tooth pain, but also other serious conditions. Poor dental health is even linked to heart disease. But even when you know how important a healthy mouth can be, it's hard to break bad habits that could cause tooth problems. Take a look at some common bad dental health habits and find out how you can break those habits and improve your oral health.

  • How Pediatric Dentists Make Their Patients Comfortable

    24 July 2017

    When you take your child to the dentist for the first time, the dentist will do more than treating the child. Most likely, the pediatric dentist will also engage in other activities that aren't directly related to treatment but will help in making the child comfortable in the dental office and with dental treatment in general. Here are a few examples of these activities: Showing the Dental Tools to the Child

  • Is Tooth Loss Prematurely Aging Your Face?

    27 June 2017

    When it comes to looking young, there's a lot that goes into preserving the appearance of your face. Maintaining collagen, preventing wrinkles, and staying moisturized all have a part to play. However, all of those efforts could be useless if you have missing teeth. Keep reading to learn how one or more missing teeth could potentially age you prematurely, even if the missing tooth isn't visible when you smile. How Lost Teeth Affect the Jaw

  • Scraping Below The Surface Of Periodontal Disease

    6 June 2017

    It is estimated that around half of Americans have periodontal disease, often called gum disease, and that this seemingly-benign condition could lead to much more serious medical issues. Studies attempt to show if there is a link between gum disease and other medical maladies, or if it is merely a coincidence that these are co-occurring. Regardless of any correlation, periodontal disease is not to be taken lightly. Those at highest risk for periodontal disease include: